Instructor & Personal Wellness Advisor, Seaport

Yelana is one of the newest instructors at BBR. Growing up, Yelana was never a natural athlete. As Yelana might say, to this day she is still completely uncoordinated but in high school she found track and fell in love with running and the endorphins it gave her. In college Yelana ran cross country and fell in love with distance running. She trained and ran her first marathon as a freshman. A few years later Yelana started working at a gym and fell in love with weight lifting. She was amazed how it transformed her running but also how it made her feel strong in and outside of the gym. Fitness has had such a huge impact on Yelana's mental and physical health that she always knew she wanted to share her passion for it with others. Going back to graduate school Yelana knew she wanted to work as a fitness instructor to support myself. Yelana completed a personal training course and has been teaching bootcamp, TRX and personal training for the past two years. She works as a full-time social worker and after a long day of emotionally draining work, she absolutely loves getting back into her body and coaching others. Yelana loves the balance of working in mental health and fitness and would love to eventually combine the two, as they are so closely related.    


 “Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don't forget to enjoy the journey."- Michael Josephson

Ooh too many but "She Wolf" by Shakira is my power song. Whenever I need a confidence boost I put it on and walk down the street and immediately feel like a million bucks!

Mmmm, again, too many, I LOVE to eat. I really love pizza though, I know all the best places in Boston for pizza and I make a pretty mean homemade pizza!

I grew up meditating and doing yoga everyday, my parents are old hippies.

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