Facilities Manager & Instructor, Belmont

Born and raised in Belmont, Troy’s passion for fitness did not start until his junior year of high school. Despite being classified as obese nearly his entire childhood, Troy took it upon himself to lose 50 pounds at the age of 17. His love for mixed martial arts is what inspired Troy to join the wrestling team his senior year only to be sidelined half the season due to an ankle injury. Troy did not let the injury get the best of him. During the remainder of the school year Troy’s desire to wrestle transitioned into fitness and bodybuilding. While taking a job one summer as a barista, Troy befriended Ray. Ray saw a lot of potential in this young fellow, so Ray offered Troy the role of facility manager.  Fast forward a few years later and the club is in tip top shape due to Troy's unwavering dedication to the club.  Not only is Troy on the ready to help out when needed, but he always has a smile on his face 24/7. Troy is currently on his way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer under the National Academy of Sports and Medicine.  Troy believes the secret to success is hard work and with the right team and mindset all your goals can be reached.
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"Work hard. Play hard."

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