Instructor & Personal Wellness Advisor, Seaport

Helping others has always been Rebekah’s priority. She attended the Northeastern University nursing program in hopes of satisfying her passion to help others. However, treating injuries, seeing countless conditions result from sedentary lifestyles, propelled her to focus on a proactive rather than a reactive approach.

Rebekah’s fitness career kicked off in her second semester, where she received her certification through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in 2015. At Northeastern, she was known as the “Step Queen,” specializing in all things HIIT. The group fitness scene was transformed by her drive to create a welcoming atmosphere for participants of all levels, and she assisted in running the instructor training program. Quickly progressing, she was hired at BURN Fitness Studios in 2016 and designed several class formats that are now permanently on the schedule.

While she still obtained her BSN, Rebekah knew nursing was not her true passion. It was not until Ray and Rich looked Rebekah in the eye and recognized her potential in the fitness industry that she knew she could commit to this full-time. Her healthcare background enhances her ability to promote safe and effective workouts and with BURNIN’ By Ray’s signature low impact, high intensity training, her teaching dynamic fits right in. She loves the feeling of motivating others to achieve their fitness goals, and cannot wait to continue to change lives for the better!



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“Never apologize for being strong.” -Unknown

“Drunk Me” by Mitchell Tenpenny

All things pizza and all things ice cream. Oh, and lavender milk tea. Ask me about it! It’s amazing.

Despite my excellent skills on the stationary version, I actually can’t ride a real bike.