Are you ready to start eating healthier? Are you ready to feel more energized?  By eating clean meals you will set your body back on a nutritious path.  What is clean eating?  Clean eating at its core is very simple - eating whole foods that have not been processed or refined.  Basically, it is eating foods that are natural.  When you focus on clean eating, you practice the art of being mindful of the foods you put in your body versus counting calories or other methods of "dieting."  Thus, the foods that you will see listed on this page adhere as much as possible to that clean eating way of thinking.

To begin this month long process of revamping the way you consider and eat food, here is the plan for week 1.  Pick any 8 hours as your eating window. For example: 1p-9p. You can only eat during these eight hours. Each twenty four period you will be fasting for 16 of those hours. This is called intermittent fasting. Ray has had great success using this method.

What is intermittent fasting? It is described as an "eating pattern" rather than a diet.  During intermittent fasting (IF) you cycle between two periods - eating and fasting with set amounts of time for each.  There are many health benefits to fasting:

- Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Increases levels of HGH which results in fat loss and muscle gain.
- Insulin: Results in decreased insulin levels which makes stored body fat more accessible.
- Cellular repair: During fasting, your cells will repair themselves getting rid of old cells.
- Gene expression: Changes will occur in genes that result in longevity and protection against diseases.

Bottom line, all of these benefits to the body lead to decreases in risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to name a few.

  • oatmeal
  • fruit
  • 4_140_PaleoPlan_720


100 grams per day on workout days 

50 grams per day on non workout days 

Oatmeal 1/2 cup

Sweet potato 1 cup

Fruit 1 cup (2 servings max each day)







Any veggies will do, the greener the better. Unlimited amounts

Ladies 80-100 grams per day 

Gents 160-200 grams per day 

Chicken 6oz

Steak 6oz

Eggs 6oz

Fish 6oz
Organic ketchup 

Honey (for oatmeal)

Organic mustard 

Pb2 (peanut butter powder for oatmeal)

Any seasonings 

During fasting hours coffee with milk is ok.