BodyBurn December Member of the Month:
Ron Cincotta

Q:  What is your favorite motorless cardio piece and why?
A: My favorite piece has to be the treadwall. It’s a love/hate thing, mostly hate but it’s a good burn.

Q: What is your favorite place to hang out at on the weekends?
A: This swanky new club on the corner of church st / trapelo, great music, good vibe. No booze though, it's weird.  I live downtown so on weekends I'm at local bars around southie/seaport: Lincoln Tavern, Loco.

Q:Name one go-to healthy snack and one food definitely worth having as a cheat meal.
A: Healthy Snack: Acai Bowls with bananas & shredded coconut
Cheat Meal: I don’t cook much so a local cheat meal: Chicken Gnocchi Fra Diavolo at Fiorella’s Belmont/Newton

BodyBurn November Member of the Month:
Emma Crooker

Q: Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey and how you ended up at BodyBurn By Ray.
A: My first real taste of exercise was when I was figure skating and playing basketball when I was in middle school.  When I reached high school I stopped both of those activities and started working. When I reached college I would go to the gym here and there with my friends but never took it seriously. After college I started working out more consistently and hopped between different gyms mostly planet fitness and LA fitness. When I moved to Belmont in August I decided I was tired of pretending. I knew what I was doing in the gym and wanted to look for something else that would peak my interest and keep me motivated to actually make a difference. I saw BodyBurn every day driving home and decided to look up what it actually was and immediately signed up for the free class.

Q: What's your favorite day (upper, lower or abs) and why?
A: My favorite day is upper. I love working on the definition in my arms and seeing different ways BodyBurn has for me to tone. There are movements I would have never thought to do otherwise.

Q: What is your favorite thing about BodyBurn?
A: The vibe. My first day back at BodyBurn after I had done the free class and signed up for unlimited it had been about a month in between. Adi and Ray both greeted me by name and said welcome back. The entire staff connected through social media and really made me feel included and what their movement was. They want you there as much as you want to be there and they’re amazing motivators. People sometimes ask how come I tilt the treadwall so much and ask if it’s tiring and I tell them Adi will yell at me if I don’t! The staff and the other company working out with you are so inclusive and full of energy, it’s addicting.

Q: Where can we find you when you aren't BodyBurnin?
A: Working both my jobs and watching dog videos. I know, it sounds exhilarating. You think it would be exhausting working both of the jobs and making it to BodyBurn six days a week but the burn is what gives me that extra energy.

Q: Favorite local bars?
A: I just moved here so I’m not too familiar with local bars but I’ve ventured to Conley’s, Lexx, Moody Street, and also Mark and Tonis pizzeria which has awesome pizza <3

Q: Any BodyBurn newbie advice?
A: Don’t be afraid! The machines may look intimidating at first but everyone is there to help you. There is always an instructor watching over to help you get the movement down and most of the time an instructor is even burning with you!  It’s like you’re part of a super-cool jacked family.

BodyBurn October Member of the Month:
Christine Bowe

October’s BodyBurn Member of the month is Christine Bowe. Christine has been killing it in the Fall Challenge. She is a member who has stuck out because of her all-out effort on every machine! At every class she brings energy to the club and we are thrilled that she’s a part of the BodyBurn family. So let’s get to know Christine a little bit better!

Q: How did you get into BodyBurn?
A: “I'm a runner and I always passed BodyBurn on one of my running routes, then I saw the First Class Free sign and thought why not? After that first class I was hooked! It was exactly what I was looking for. Something different to challenge my body. I've reached a plateau and I think this will push me over that and get the results I'm looking for.”

Q: When you aren't BodyBurnin' where can we find you?
A: “When I'm not BodyBurnin' I'm training for Half Marathons (and one day you'll see me run Boston!) or traveling (I work for a travel company - nice perks ”

Q: Favorite piece of motorless cardio and why?
A: “The TrueRunner - obvious reasons, but there's less of an impact on your joints compared to a regular treadmill.  and the tread wall because it's so different!”

Q: What’s your favorite weekend beverage? Any go to bars in the area?
A: “Margarita! Conley's in Watertown is a pretty chill hangout or Margaritas in Waltham. “

Q: What are some of your favorite jams right now that we either play at BodyBurn (hopefully!) or haven't yet made it to our playlist?
A: “Anything Usher..haven't heard him yet but hopefully I will :)”

Q: Tip for anyone thinking about trying BodyBurn for the first time?
A: “Just Do It! Even if it's not for you, it's a great workout - and you may find - it is for you!”
Ron Cincotta; December Member of the Month at BURNIN' by Ray

Emma Crooker; November Member of the Month at BURNIN' by Ray

Christine Bowe; November Member of the Month at BURNIN' by Ray
Fred came to the club a few months ago looking to get "healthier." When Ray asked him what that meant to him, Fred's response was "lose weight, tighten up and eat better."  Today, Fred has accomplished all of those things and is still progressing towards his version of a healthy lifestyle.  Fred trains 4-5 times per week with a mix of BodyBurn and 1-1 training. We are proud to call Fred a member but more importantly, a friend.
BodyBurn by Ray Member Spotlight: Fred
Karen, in her forties, decided to start working out for the first time. She joined club RayFit 9 short weeks ago and has been taking BodyBurn classes regularly. She has noticed significant progress such as weight loss and confidence just to name a few. One of the things that stands out to me is Karen's understanding of the exercises. Not only does she understand the different exercises but she knows what muscles groups we are working. She knows how to adjust each exercise to safely challenge her fitness level. To me, this is huge progress for someone who never worked out a day in their life until 9 weeks ago.

BodyBurn by Ray Member Spotlight: Karen
Antoinetta, even with a bum hip, still crushes BodyBurn 4-6 times per week! How does she do it? With the help of the BodyBurn instructors, Antoinetta is able to work around her hip issues in a safe and productive way. Doing BodyBurn by Ray classes has helped Antoinetta not only stay toned and strong, it has also given her the energy to keep up with her two active sons!  Way to go, Antoinetta!  We are pumped to have you as an active member of our FitFam community.  Keep up the great work.

BodyBurn by Ray Member Spotlight: Antoinetta
Ginger and Ray started training almost 8 years ago when Ray was an apprentice trainer at a local gym. Ginger was actually his first client!! Today, Ginger continues to train two to three times per week using our low impact high intensity system. Training at the club has enabled Ginger to live the life she wants post retirement. She spends her time traveling, gardening and antiquing. Ginger is a great example of how to turn one workout into a lifestyle. Ginger's dedication to her active life is truly inspiring.

BodyBurn by Ray Member Spotlight: Ginger